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50 тем для дебатів з англійської мови

1. Should animals be used to test new products?

2. Should cell phones and beepers be allowed in class?

3. In disasters like the sinking of the Titanic, who should be saved first?

4. Should beaches have rules?

5. Should people be allowed to go barefoot anywhere they want?

6. Should gun makers pay the cost of gun violence?

7. Should people lose their jobs if it helps the environment?

8. Should children be allowed to enter beauty pageants?

9. Should student athletes have to get good grades to play sports?

10. Should coats made with dog fur be against the law?

11. Should boxing be banned?

12. Do police belong in schools?

13. Should hunting be banned as a sport?

14. Should students get paid for attending school?

15. If you do the crime, should your parents do the time?

16. Should teen criminals be locked up in adult prisons?

17. Should you change the way you dress because of what other people might think?

18. Should businesses be forced to deliver to every neighborhood?

19. Should the government rate music?

20. Are teen juries a good idea?

21. Is space exploration worth the money we spend on it?

22. If you find $ 100, is it yours to keep?

23. Some malls in America have banned teens. Is this fair?

24. If you see someone cheating on a test, should you tell?

25. Are teen curfews a good thing?

26. Is year-round school a good idea?

27. Should skateboarding be banned in public places?

28. Should Olympic athletes be tested for drugs?

29. Should sports teams drop Native American names?

30. Should celebrities be responsible for the products they endorse?

31. Should schools have dress code?

32. Should celebrities speak out on political issues?

33. Should kids have to address teachers as Ma`am and Sir?

34. Should laws be stricter for teenage drivers?

35. Should the paparazzi be banned?

36. Do teens have too much to do?

37. If you find a historical treasure, does it belong to you?

38. Should surveillance cameras be used in schools?

39. Should moshing be allowed at concerts?

40. Should school newspapers be censored?

41. Should paddling be used to punish students?

42. Would you give up certain luxuries to save the environment?

43. Should students have to do volunteer work to graduate?

44. Should schools named for slave owners be renamed?

45. Should doctors transplant pigs` organs into human bodies?

46. Should male and female training in the military be separate?

47. Should girls have their own schools?

48. Should kids learn riflery in schools?

49. Should the United States be the world`s police force?

50. Should teens have their own credit cards?