Харківська загальноосвітня школа І-ІІІ ступенів № 52 Харківської міської ради Харківської області


Відкритий урок з англійської мови

Відкритий урок з англійської мови

у 5 класі на тему:

«Продукти харчування»



Form: 5

Theme: Food. An apple a day.


  • to introduce new vocabulary;
  • to train it in practice;
  • to develop Ps’ attention, intellect, memory;
  • to develop Ps’ listening and reading skills;
  • to develop Ps’ creative thinking;
  • to bring up Ps to eat healthy food;
  • to awake Ps’ interest to English.

Equipment: PB, copybooks, pictures, cards, presentation.

  1. Introduction
  1. Greeting

T: Good morning, dear friends!

Ps: Good morning, teacher!

  1. Warming up

T: Who is on duty today?

T: What’s your name?

T: How old are you?

T: What is your favourite colour?

T: Do you have sister or brother?

T: What is his/her name?

T: What day is it today?

T: Who is absent today?

  1. Checking of  hometask
  1. Revision
  1. Grammar (Present Continuous Tense)
  1. Presentation

T: Our topic today is “An apple a day”. So we are going to talk about healthy food. How do you understand the expression  “Healthy food”?

T: Look at pictures in exercise 1 on page 102. What can you see?

T: Let’s read these words.

T: Well done! Now let’s match words with the pictures in your books.

T: look at exercise 2 on page 102. What dishes can you see here?

T: Yes, you are right! This is English breakfast. Now look at the picture for two minutes. Then shut the books and name all the things you remember.

Physical training “Head and shoulders”


T: Now I want you to watch this presentation about food and know what dishes eat English people for every meal. Let’s start!

T: Now the next task. You take one piece of paper, read it and guess what is it.

Who wants to start?

Physical training “My hands”


T: At the blackboard you can see the words we have learnt today. Your task is to write these words in three columns: vegetables, fruits, drinks.

Pair work

T: Now you get crossword  “Food”. You have in pairs to do this task.





























































































































































Crossword “Food”:

Horizontal: 2. Первое блюдо. 4. Масло. 6. Бывает черный, белый. 7. Молочный продукт. 10. Растет на огороде. 11. Несет курица. 13. Сладкий холодный дессерт.

Vertical: 1. Напиток. 2. Мясное изделие. 3. Каша. 5. Макароны. 8. Овощной или фруктовый. 9. Его пьют с утра. 12. Ветчина.


  1. Ending of the lesson